Dissecting Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Nobel-Prize winner John Ernest Steinbeck Junior is considered one of the most influential American writers even today. His work was inspired mostly with regular people dealing with injustice, poverty and vicious fate in general. Almost all his books were settled in southern or central California depicting everyday troubles people had to overcome. This novella “Of Mice and Men” is considered one of his finest works and that is the reason why is included in required reading of many schools. On the other hand, this piece is also one of the most censored works of art in America in the 21st century.

Technological improvement brought new methods to every aspect of our life and if we look upon reading culture few innovations changed the traditional ways of reading. Those who like to feel the material presence of books are using e-books for reading, but those with less time and space found the solution in audiobooks. Simple to carry and to use this pieces of recordings will do everything for you. Audiobooks gained popularity quite rapidly because people found them convenient in the situation when commuting, when they want to relax, but still do something they like or are just a bit lazy to grab the actual book.
Like almost every work of classic literature “Of Mice and Men” was also transformed in an audiobook. There are many versions of recordings, but some of the most popular nowadays are recorded by Vincent Gibbs, Robert Armin, and Gary Sinise. The main point of the audiobook is to draw you inside the story and create the ambiance author had in mind so you could see it with your own eyes. Just like you would do yourself imagining every word you read narrators guide you through the surroundings, events and identities of the characters.

Original novella was published in 1937 and the main plot is about two migrant ranch workers in search of the new job. Their constant movement, set in a period of Great Depression in California is classic, but again unique setting for a Steinbeck’s writing. Two main characters that lead this story are totally opposite one from the other. George Milton is intelligent even tho he was uneducated, while his companion and best friend Lennie Small lacks mental abilities. Lennie is huge and strong, but has a soft side and loves to pet animals. Their differences separate them in a certain way, but this contrast is what makes their friendship strong and repetitively strengthened during the entire book. On their journey, they constantly talk about their dream of having the piece of the land they own instead of working for others.

Throughout the story, their dream is being tested as well as their friendship. Influence of other people on higher positions led them to misery and stopped them in their dream chase. Even in the darkest hour friends stayed together talking about their future. Tragic ending depicts the unbreakable bond they have and love that stops at nothing even sacrifice and death. Painting the mood at the end with his words set Steinbeck on his literature throne.

A strong piece told with dramatic words will give you goosebumps and make you think about the decency and joy we experience every day. The of mice and men audio book free download will show you the real heroes, strong people with their flaws and virtues putted on the test of life all through your speakers.

For those interested in watching, you can watch the 1992 adaption of the book below!